Written By Ayodele Adeoye

Everyone who gets married has a cross to carry. Each marriage may have different crosses with different weight. But undoubtedly everyone must carry one cross or the other. The cross may vary from infidelity, childlessness, wayward children, abusive spouse, constant quarrel and fight, financial lack, ailment etc.

Those who cannot endure the cross have since quitted their marriage. But without a cross there will be no glory. Others are scared of the cross and have chosen to remain unmarried. No individual had escaped carrying a marital cross and it is doubtful if any will ever escape it. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and other great men all carried theirs.

Many people are trying to avoid the cross, others are looking at Joseph to help them carry their cross. But Jesus said “He that taketh not his cross and follow me is not worthy of me”. In fact he wants us to carry our cross daily. If you backslide for the weight and pain of your cross, you will be judged by those who carried theirs successfully. 

Instead of looking unto Joseph the Cyrene to help you carry your cross temporarily why not look up to Jesus Christ of Nazareth the burden bearer himself. He has carried it before and he is still carrying it for others. Don’t throw away your salvation because of the shame and pain of your marital cross. Everyone who is married is carrying their own. If yours seems too heavy for you, call on him. Are you overwhelmed and broken down because of the weight and pain of your cross? Please don’t give up. Arise again, dust yourself and carry your cross again until you reach your Golgotha.

You don’t need to abandon the cross on the way until you reach your Golgotha. Your marriage cannot be a testimony until you reach Golgotha with your cross. Stop looking at the size and weight of your cross, rather look at your destination and the burden bearer. You must despise the shame and pain of the cross for the glory ahead. Every good and successful marriage you see today, someone had carried a cross and is probably still carrying a cross. As you approach Golgotha, the weight of your cross may reduce, for others it may increase but we must all get to our destination. Because in carrying our marital cross, abandonment is prohibited.

I therefore pray for all couples whose cross is becoming unbearable for them that our father in heaven will carry your marital cross for you in Jesus name. Amen.‚Äč