Everything Is Not Spiritual

As much as being spiritual is good, trying to spiritualize everything is an act of ignorance. When Christians want to cover up their laziness and folly, they spiritualize everything. Some so-called believers have totally shut down their brain and faculty of common sense because they think they are spiritual. Spirituality is not the same as foolishness neither is it cowardice.

Spirituality simply means to be conscious of heaven and eternity. But to be heavenly conscious and be earthly negligent is like a man who thinks he will get to his destination without knowing his destination. It’s not spirituality to pray and fast in order to pass an exam without studying for such exam. It is not spirituality to give birth to a number of children your income cannot cater for because you think God will provide. It is an error to speak in tongues when common sense is required. It is useless to believe in miracle when you have not done the needful.

All problems and evil are not caused by devil or witches. Some are caused by our ignorance and carelessness. A man who fails to check the status of his car before embarking on a long journey who eventually had an accident because of avoidable error cannot be attributed to the act of the devil. It’s not spirituality to pray against malaria when you can prevent mosquito bite by ordinary mosquito net. It’s useless praying and fasting for God to change your husband when you are totally unsubmissive. It is good to pray against fornication but it’s wiser to run from it.

It is not spirituality to be heavenly conscious but earthly useless. Spirituality will never swallow up the totality of our naturality. Jesus Christ was spirit personified yet he cried, felt hunger, was angry, felt weak etc. It is not wise to replace rest with fasting and prayer, because even God rested after work. Stressed induced sicknesses hardly respond to prayers but rest.

A brother was jobless for 13 years. He became so spiritual that he stopped sleeping in the house to avoid having sexual intercourse with his wife. Rather, he made himself available for all church activities. Even when you greet him he responds with speaking in tongues. I got him a job with a relatively good package but he put the job offer on hold to seek the face of God if the job was God’s will. After 3 weeks of prayers, he came to pick the job but the company had given the job to another. This is not spirituality but laziness and foolishness. His prayers and fasting will not stop God from judging him for inability to fend for his family and denying his wife her conjugal right. The reason why many people will be judged on the last day will be because they were over-spiritual. People who make God look stupid because they think they are obeying God will be judged.

It is good to be spiritual, I am also spiritual!

But it is nonsense to be spiritual and lost heaven.

Your spirituality must not make you foolish.‚Äč

By Ayodel Adeoye