It is a privilege to have a shepherd over your life, especially if you have a good shepherd. Your pastor has the divine mandate to oversee your spiritual, physical, emotional, social, medical and general wellbeing. Every good shepherd deserves double honour according to 1Timothy 5:17, “Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.”

Pastors stand in the gap for their flocks. They bear the burdens of their members, share their pains and worries and even partake in their sufferings etc. Most atimes, they suffer spiritual attacks on behalf of their followers. They stay awake in the night to intercede for their members while they sleep. Your pastor prays about your health, marriage, work, family, enemies, finance, emotion, business and every other thing that concerns you. Your pastor prays for you, teaches you, guides you, counsels you, visits you, leads you, monitors you and corrects you etc.

Your doctor cares about your health and so does your pastor too. Your lawyer wants you to enter into trouble so he can save you but your pastor don’t want you to enter into trouble at all. Your teacher teaches you, your pastor does too. There are three significant events in the in the life of every man; the day you are born, the day you wed and the day you die. At your birth your pastor will be present to name you. During your wedding your pastor will be in attendance to join you. The day you die your pastor will also be there to burry you.

Do you know your pastor goes through all you go through in life, yet he hides his feelings to attend to yours. Do you also know that those days he prayed for your healing, he was also sick himself? Are you aware that when he prays for God’s provision for you he also has unmet needs? Do you know that when he comes up to preach on Sunday giving you hope, he has also has some personal doubts and worries. Even though he is praying for you, he has some unanswered prayer requests.

A man who prepares you for eternity is worth more than those who prepare you to be successful just here on earth. How much do you pay your pastor compare to how much you pay your doctor? Did I hear you say “God who called him will pay him?” Wrong ideology! That’s equal to muzzling the mouth of the ox that tread the corn.

When last did God send money to your pastor directly from heaven? He used the widow of Zarephath to reach out to Elijah, Shunimite woman to Elisha, the tithes of Israel for Aaron and his children, Philippians church to Paul etc. 

What is the worth of your pastor? A man who links you up to God deserves respect, prayer, encouragement, cooperation, commendation, appreciation, understanding, obedience from you. If you know the worth of your God you will surely know the worth of your pastor. Your pastor deserves double honour.