The office of a pastor, priest and prophet is glamorous and prestigious from a distance. It is sweet when people address you as Papa/Mama, Daddy/Mummy, Mother in Israel; Most Reverend, etc.

However, along with the prestige and honour attached to these offices are secret prices to pay.

The pastor, his wife and children are considered as next to God and should be immune against errors, sins, weaknesses and problems. People hardly believe pastors and their families are flesh and blood and are prone to all human challenges. People want to see the complete bible {both the old and the new testaments} in the life of the pastor and family. From generation to generation, people have increased their expectations towards the pastor and his family.

Therefore, it looks odd and unacceptable for the pastor and his family to;

👉Fall sick

👉Make mistakes

👉Exhibit weaknesses

👉Fall into temptation or sin etc.

Their members can do all of the above and it will be understandable but the society cannot accept it if it is from the pastor’s family. People can tolerate it if an ordinary member sins or makes a mistake but if the same sin or error is committed by a pastor or his family members, then they are to be crucified.

If it is a church member, he needs mercy but if it is a pastor or his family they deserve condemnation. If you have never been a pastor, pastor’s wife or pastor’s child, you cannot understand their secret agony and pain. Most times they forget their pains and burdens because they have to help all members bear and carry theirs. The weight of people’s burden most times weigh them down at the expense of their own burdens.

Nevertheless, it does not stop the people from insulting them, throwing stones at them, castigating them, abusing them, disobeying them and even thinking ill of them.  

Numbers 12:1, “And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.”

Today, most pastors, pastor’s wives and children live with High BP and even Hypertension not because of their own problems but because of the worries of people’s unanswered prayers and troubles.

If the pastor or his wife tries to be human, people will say, ‘And he claims to be a pastor’, ‘And she calls herself a pastor’s wife’, And they said they are pastor’s children’ etc. When will pastors and their families be treated fairly? Even God is not expecting perfection from any man.

You must understand these truths;

👉Pastor and their families have weaknesses like you. 

👉Pastors and their families are prone to errors and mistakes like you.

👉Pastors and their families are not angels.

👉Pastors and their families are humans like you.

👉Pastors and their families do face challenges and temptations like you.

The next time you feel like judging your pastor, his wife or his children, first put yourself in their shoes. If you have not worn their shoes before you can never know where it pinches. 

Your pastor and his family need your prayers, encouragement, support and loyalty.


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