Men everywhere do everything possible daily to avoid troubles, calamities, misfortunes and afflictions yet trouble still come.
Job 3:26 I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came.

People pray, plan and worry just to avoid troubles but no man had been able to escape trying times and troubles in life. The type of trial or trouble we go through in life may differ in nature, size and duration but no one is ever immune against trouble.
Many had even thought by been good they might avert all troubles of life but all to no avail. Both the good and the bad must have their own share of life trials and troubles.
God never promised us a trouble-free life but deliverance from all troubles. 

Psalms 34:19  Great are the troubles of the upright: but the Lord takes him safely out of them all.

Job was a righteous man yet he had troubles.

Abraham was a good man per excellence yet he had his own troubles.

David was a man affect God’s heart yet his life was characterized with troubles. Etc

There are some levels in life we will never attain until we pass through some troubles and come out strong. Paul the apostle sought God three times for Him to remove the torn on his flesh but God didn’t but rather encouraged him.
Trials are meant to bring out the giant in us. If a man had never fight a battle, he can never be a champion. Pain most times come before gain. This type of trouble is different from self-inflicted troubles. They are not troubles caused by man’s disobedience, indiscipline, mischief, carelessness and misconduct.

The Bible admonishes us to rejoice if we suffer for righteousness sake. 1Peter 3:14.
The question therefore remains how do I know I am suffering for righteousness sake or if this trouble or trial is of God?

Suffering or trial allowed by God always come with God’s consolation; “My grace is sufficient for you”. Sometimes God allow us go through some painful experiences in life just to humble us.

Suffering or trial allowed by God may not necessarily be the consequences of our sin etc.

Suffering or trial allowed by God is targeted at strengthening our faith towards God but troubles from Satan are targeted against our faith towards God.

Any trial therefore that is not of God must be violently resisted. The devil have no right to afflict us with suffering and trouble.

Are you going through a trying time that is almost swallowing you up? Please hold on to God and he will not let you down. We are all living testimony of God’s goodness of deliverance from trying times.



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