A woman who bluntly disregards her husband’s order has no right to claim she did the right thing. She did this in the public and in the presence of his friends and royal personalities, at the time the word of the king was likened to the voice of God.

Ephesians 5:24, “Therefore as the Church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands *IN EVERY THINGS.”

She sacrificed her crown at the altar of pride and foolishness. She was never a good example to other women and so, for the fear of becoming a bad influence, the royal council threw her out.

In search for a replacement for Vashti, the king chose the simplest and most humble among the maidens to avoid having another Vashti.

Pride has been traced to be associated with beautiful women (not all beautiful women are proud). Vashti must have allowed her pride to enter into her head.

A woman who could attend to the women but could not attend to her husband has mismatched priorities. The action of Vashti was to disgrace and humiliate her husband in the open.

If Vashti was a good woman why was there no single supporter to speak for her within the kingdom. Why were all the king’s men pleased with the resolution of the advisory board? Why did the women not protest for Vashti if she was a good woman?

What God desires of all women is total submission and obedience to their husband. Conditional submission was never recommended; obey your husband only when he’s not drunk. 

The last time my wife failed to carry out my orders, she had to do it with explanation and humble agitation. I couldn’t get angry because her explanation was genuine and reasonable.

She should have first appeared before her husband, the king for explanation if displaying her beauty was bad.
It’s only the woman you are proud of you show case. Asking Vashti to come and make her husband proud in the presence of his friends by displaying her beauty not her nudity should not be a subject debate. Vashti should have known that her husband cherished her beauty and displaying it would have made him happy.
Any woman who behaves like Vashti stands the risk of losing her marriage and crown to her house girl.

The book of Esther would have been named after Vashti if not for her bad character.

Obedience is better than sacrifice!

My sister, can you be wiser than God who commanded every woman to obey her husband in ALL THINGS?

If you disobey him, be ready to lose your crown.

The road to a man’s heart is no longer sex and food but respect and reverence. If it was sex he could get it from a prostitute; and if it was food he could get it in the restaurant.

Conditional obedience is a sin. You have no right to obey God’s command only when are convinced or only when you think it makes sense.

There are many maidens waiting for the contest for your replacement.

There are many ESTHERS who are warming up to take your place. Be wise.


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