God hates divorce but He loves life. The intent of every law of God is to protect not to imprison. If the cost of saving a marriage from being torn apart is a life, then the price is too high. God will never be happy for anyone’s life to be sacrificed on the altar of marriage. 

In this part of the world women are always at the receiving end of divorce for which the law is against. What then was God’s intent when he enacted the law against divorce? Was it to protect or to harm? Far it be from God, none of his laws are meant to harm but to protect humanity.
Women are vulnerable due to their position in the society and church. God therefore disapproved divorce in marriage to primarily protect the woman. Unfortunately, many women are in prisons today as they are married to monsters. As much as God hates divorce; it should not be at the expense of life. Is it the will of God for women to continue to stay in abusive and destructive marriages? Man’s heart has become harder than his ancestors because the law of no divorce seems to favour him better.
We cannot afford to preach or encourage divorce but must we continue to allow evil to prevail just because the woman must not quit her marriage regardless of her pain, suffering, agony, abuse and molestation? Must we continue to encourage these monsters in human skins to continue to send our daughters and sisters into early graves just because they must stay in the marriage?

When are we going to stop shouting “No Divorce” and start enforcing “No Abuse”? Why did Moses ask the Israelites to write a bill of divorcement for their wives before putting her away? Jesus said “because of the hardness of their hearts”; hardness of heart that emanates from wickedness, disobedience to God and parents, mischief and lust. Moses must have tried many reconciliatory approach with several efforts to stop them from divorcing their wives but their hearts were hardened. In frustration and considering the plight of the women and the danger as well as losing their lives, he instructed them to write a bill as a witness against them before putting away their wives. God is more interested in the soul than the institution.

Today, many women would rather desire and prefer a bill of divorcement than continue in prisons called marriage. To be single is better than many so-called marriages today. 

How many women are suffering and dying in silence because they don’t want to go against God’s will and the wrath of the society and the church. Why must we continue to put the lives of our precious daughters of Zion on the line because they can’t leave their marriage. Which is better; to lose a life or to lose out in marriage?
My spinsters, before you say “Yes I Do” listen to this;

It’s better to be single than enter into a marriage that will lead you to hell (hell on earth and hell in eternity).

Don’t rush into marriage. Many who rush in are looking for way out.

If you rush in you might not have the opportunity to come out again regardless of what you suffer.

Seek God’s face, seek for counsel, be sure of your choice, know him before you say Yes I Do. If you venture say Yes I Do, you can’t say No I Do No More.

For my sisters who are already in abusive and destructive marriages, I encourage you in the name of the Lord to be strong and courageous because you have a father who understands your pain. Nevertheless, don’t wait until life is snuffed out of you, don’t sacrifice your life on the altar of marriage. Save your life to save your marriage. If your life is at risk, temporarily walk out of the marriage in order to pray and seek godly counsel. While you are away don’t divorce, don’t remarry but wait on God for a change.


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