Severally, it has been said that what people think or say about you does not matter, but what you think about yourself and what God thinks about you. As for God, His thoughts towards you are always good. Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

On the other hand, some selfish friends who are getting good things from you may never tell you the truth about yourself in order not to lose the favour they often get from you.

Jesus our perfect example asked His disciples “who do men say I am?” Obviously he was asking them about what His haters and adversaries are saying about Him. Sometimes people’s opinion about you maybe wrong and sometimes, they could just be the perfect description of who you are.

Here are the responses of what Jesus’ disciples had to say on people’s opinion about Him;

Some say you are John the Baptist.

Some say you are Isaiah.

Some say you are Jeremiah.
Were the people wrong? Yes and No.
Yes, because they saw same attributes, works, manifestations etc in the lives of these men in Christ. E.g the miracles, the prophecies, the messages etc.
No, because He is not in the class of the three men mentioned. He was not just a prophet or a preacher like these men but Saviour and God.
It is therefore natural for people to base their thoughts or opinions about you on what they see, hear and their experiences with you. Today when people say you are proud don’t completely throw it out, obviously the seed of pride is noticeable.

Most times people with bad character rarely know they have bad character that is why most times people who have body odour don’t perceive it unlike those around them.
The habit-meter to check your character is what people say and think about you. What you think about yourself is a product of your imagination that does not portray your true character.

Another question is; why did the people not compare or think Jesus was Solomon or Esau?. The perfect description of his person was best seen in John Baptist, Isaiah and Jeremiah.

If you ask people the same question today “who do men say I am?” What would they say or to whom will they compare you? How many people will say you are Jesus Christ or one of the prophets? Rather would they not say you are a cheat, pretender, thief, liar, proud, stingy or even a fornicator/adulterer?

You wouldn’t know what will be said of you until you send out random questionnaires “who do men (enemies and friends) say I am. 

Getting angry or feeling bad about the negative things people say or think about you is a sign that they maybe right to an extent. If someone thinks I am an Igbo man or Hausa man, it does not change the fact that I am not. But if someone thinks I am a Yoruba man because of my intonation and my name, why then should I be angry? Sometimes even when I want to hide my identity, my intonation and my name always betrays me.

Your character is betraying what you think about yourself. What you do and say betrays what God thinks about you. Try to ask your friends and even enemies as well, who they think you are or send out questionnaires and allow people to answer anonymously and you will be shocked that people know you better than you think.


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