The type of gospel we preach today is money oriented; it is either money gospel or no gospel. Anybody who wants to enjoy anything from the gospel is made to pay dearly for it. The gospel is now on sale to favor the highest bidder

Matthew 10:8, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.”

The anointing is now for sale

The healing grace is now for sale

The anointing oil is now for sale

The healing handkerchief is on sale

Holy water is on sale 
Everything in Christendom now seems to be on sale.

Pastors, preachers, evangelists, apostles, prophets etc are out to make profit from the grace of God. I believe in giving and sowing and I preach it constantly, but the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is not for personal gain.
There is totally nothing wrong with people sowing into the lives of servants and prophets of God but it is unbiblical to ask people to pay consultancy fees before prayers or counseling. Asking for a certain amount of money before rendering any spiritual help is selling the gospel.
It is in order for one to sow a seed in faith for an expected miracle but it is wrong for ministers of the gospel to compel someone to sow a seed or sow a certain amount for an expected miracle. 
It is in order to appreciate the vessel or minister God used to bring about your desire but it is unscriptural to compel any person to sow a seed because God has used you to bless him/her. 
Giving special or better attention to those who can afford good seeds over those who cannot is gospel of money. The yardstick God will use in judging ministers of the gospel is not how much money that was made, but how many souls were won or touched. 

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not a venture where money or financial prosperity can be used to measure success.

Everyone who is preaching the gospel of money must desist from it. Ministers of the gospel hear me; “THE PEOPLE YOU ARE PRAYING FOR OR MINISTERING TO ARE NOT YOUR EMPLOYERS BUT GOD”. Stop looking at their hands for your wages, look unto Him who employed you. 
If the gospel was for sale, Jesus Christ would have been one of the richest men that lived on the surface of the earth considering his miracles, healings, deliverances etc. Jesus did not milk the people the way we are doing today; he neither built houses nor bought a car. He trekked the streets of Jerusalem and Capernaum.

Money is required to preach the gospel; the bible is not free, microphones are not free, loudspeakers are not free, etc. But don’t forget that “No soldier goes to warfare at his expense” 1Cor 9:7. God does not give a vision without provision.

Some gospel ministers have a standard amount you must pay before they can come to your church or program to minister. They no longer wait for God to reward them; they take their reward right from the people they minster to…. hmmmm. 
I see a lot of desperate miracle seekers who run after prophets and pastors who cannot pray to heal headache. What is the essence of giving me a so called accurate prophecy that cannot solve my problems? Why do I have to fall under anointing and still stand up with my problem? What is the use giving me an appealing message and sermon that cannot transform my life thereafter? 


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