The church of today is a victim of modern Christianity handed over to us by the kingdom of darkness to distract us from the Christianity given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. 
What is modern Christianity?

#It is Christianity of no cross.

#It is Christianity of God understands. 

#It is Christianity of ‘once saved forever saved.’

#It is the kind of Christianity which says that God is not that wicked to send people to eternal hell fire.

#It is the Christianity of earthly consciousness and heavenly mindlessness.

#It is the Christianity of unrestricted freedom and liberty.

#It is the Christianity of comfort and pleasure.

The modern Christianity preaches LOVE, GRACE, FAITH, FAVOUR etc, but topics like JUDGMENT, HELL FIRE, SUFFERING FOR CHRIST, HOLINESS etc are being watered down. The modern Christianity has done serious harm to the body of Christ.

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Our pattern and method of preaching may change but the gospel has not changed.

The messenger may change but the message is the same.

Our civilization may change but the gospel is always the same.
Our lifestyle may change but the bible is the same.

Modern Christianity preaches “I” and “Me” than others. I.e;

How I can make it.

How I can defeat my enemies.
How I can get a good job.

How I can be great.
How I can evangelize to others.

How I can suffer to bring comfort to others.
How I can render help to the needy.

How I will give my life for others to live.

Modern Christianity is the gospel of the broad way. It’s the gospel that makes you earthly relevant but heavenly doomed. Modern Christianity does not have a sharp rod of correction. That’s why sinners can be in church for 10 years without ever been convicted. Modern Christianity makes sinners comfortable in the church.

It is poisonous to stay in a church where you won’t be told of hell fire for one year. You are a victim of modern Christianity if your sins are not sharply rebuked and punished. If your pastor spares the rod you will face the wrath of God.

This is why genuine power of God is scarce in our churches today. Those with pseudo spirits had taken over our altars with lies and deception. We now have more hypocrites and pretenders in church than regenerated believers. The venom of modern Christianity has eaten deep into the church that we now replace;

#Preachers with comedians on our altars.
#Bible study with business meetings.

#Evangelism with picnics.

#Revival meetings with social gatherings.
#Prophecies with worldly principles.

#Rhema with charisma.
#Truth with lies etc.

Sometimes you enter some churches and finds it difficult to differentiate them from a club house because of the dressings, the music, dance steps and language. You find more of Jezebels, Delilahs, Rahabs in church than Deborahs, Annas, Ruths. Men now lust more in church than at their workplaces.

Who will deliver us from this modern Christianity and its venom?

Who will give us the old time religion again?



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