In this part of the world as soon as a lady clocks 30 and is not married, she is said to be having a delay in marriage. This makes her desperate and agitated with all eyes on her.Busybodies will begin to investigate why she’s yet to be married.

Playboys and Casa novas begin to come close to see if they can devour her using her plight as a bait.

The unwise among them falls for any man who promises them marriage at this stage. Some stand tall regardless of their age and pressure because they know their worth.

Most times, ladies get agitated because of the thought of early menopause experienced by women these days. Most women reach menopause between 40 and 45. But those who know their God understand that it is menoPAUSE and not menoSTOP.

But what are the major factors responsible for delay in marriage for ladies? Some of them include;

1. SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS: If a lady is under a curse or is possessed with demons, it may be difficult for her to get married until the curse is broken and she’s delivered from the activities of such demons. A spiritual scan is required to detect which type of spiritual problem is responsible for such a delay.

2. PRIDE: Some ladies are just too proud to get a suitor or a husband, especially some so-called beautiful ones. Not all beautiful ladies are proud anyway. Men detest proud women so they run for their lives. My sister, do a character check and humble yourself if you are proud.

Other factors that could make a lady proud include; education, family background, life achievement, calibre of men they date, etc.

Unfortunately, many ladies are married to their certificates, family background, their achievement, their beauty etc. Until you divorce those mundane things it will be difficult to get married.


Ladies who really want to get married must stop looking for Mr Perfect and Mr Finished product. Unfortunately God is yet to create them. You need to ask the wives/women of the men you use as yardstick to judge who is a perfect man. A lot of ladies give flimsy excuses for not marrying a particular guy. E.g;

#He is stingy

#He is short

#He is hot tempered

#He has mouth odour

#He is too local

#He is not educated

#He snores etc

But other men who have some of these problems mentioned above are getting married to women every Saturday. My sister shine your eyes.


Some ladies are not married because their character is disgusting. Some are insultive, lazy, dirty, mannerless, unapproachable etc. Do a character check and change.


Due to the economic situation globally, men literarily avoid expensive women for fear of maintenance. You are not married as a lady but you have 2 cars and a well-furnished house. Those things are good but men will be skeptical. You can be rich but you must not live big.

Reasons That May Not Be Responsible For Delay In Marriage Include;

#I am not beautiful: I have seen ugly ladies get married to handsome guys. Personally I don’t think any woman is ugly because our judgment of beauty differs.

#I am not rich: Ladies poorer than you have gotten married and are still getting married.

#I am not educated: Illiterates get married daily.

#I am in the wrong place.


Here’s my advice:

1. No matter how old you are don’t be desperate. If you are desperate, men will continue to take advantage of you.

2. Don’t use sex or pregnancy as a bait to tie a man down. If you uses sex, he can always get it elsewhere.

3. Don’t make everyone see it on your face that you need a husband.

4. Understand that our timing differs in life but God makes everything beautiful in his own time.

5. Don’t look frustrated. You can fulfill destiny without marriage, you can also marry and not fulfill destiny.

6. Don’t let people tell you that you are old. When they say that, reply them that you are waiting for divine timing.

7. Don’t be tempted to settle down with a married man or an unbeliever. You will not be happy.

Be friendly but firm

8. Stop looking like your grandma because you think you are old.

9. Don’t open your heart for any man. Take your time and be prayerful. Don’t let men break your heart.

10. Work on yourself rather than looking for a good man. Make yourself a good woman first.


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