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Every time a man sins, God is eager to forgive but not eager to remove the scar caused by the sin. God is no doubt merciful but no sinner will go unpunished. Many prostitutes will be pardoned and will gain entrance to the kingdom of God at the last day but some may live with their incurable diseases all the rest of their lives.

David sinned by sleeping with Uriah’s wife and killed him with the sword of the enemy. He was forgiven but;

1. He lost his sons; the sword of judgement killed Amnon and
Absalom, another of his son, hijacked his throne and slept with his concubines in the open, after which he later died misteriously.

2. His children engaged in incest etc.

He was forgiven but these were the scars he had to live with all his life. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Saul sinned, he was forgiven but lost his throne forever.

A lot of people have since been forgiven but still live with the scars of their sin. Unfortunately some are unaware that they are carrying the scars as a result of their past sins. No one can ever escape God’s judgment, it’s either here or hereafter.

Adam ate that which was forbidden and lived after the act but the rest of humanity still suffers the scars.

The scars of our childhood wounds are still glaring but not painful anymore. Some of the wounds are meant to disfigure us but not to cause us pain. Jesus has removed the pain of our sins but the scars may still be with us.

Unrepentant sinners will carry the pain and the weight of their sins but repented sinners will only carry the scars of their sins.

Are you a sinner? Repent now to reduce the size of the scar. Jesus loves you


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