It’s no doubt the world has crept into the Church and the Church into the world, an aberration of utmost concern to the body of Christ. The marriage and the level of romantic engagement between the Church and the world is alarming and worrisome. Who is to be blamed? The world? Or the Church? Or Satan? Thy rate at which sinners are comfortable and find their ways into our churches and altars is heartbreaking.

Witches, robbers, fornicators, adulterers/adulteress, liars don’t struggle to get into the altar these days. Just get the cash, learn the language and understand the modus operandi and then you are in.

Is this the Church handed over to us by Christ? Is this the Church He died for? What has happened to the Church Apostle Peter pastored? Who is this son of Belial on the altar? Who is this Jezebel prophesying lies? Who is this harlot singing and leading praise and worship? How did they get there?

The romantic relationship between the world and Church must stop. The Church is the light of the world and we have been mandated to set the standard and the pace. Matthew 5:14 , “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.” The world must not dim our light, rather our light must swallow up their darkness.

The Church must stand out and raise disciples for heaven and not disciples for the world. We must raise a generation of believers who are heavenly conscious. The Church must regain the voice she has lost to the world.

The Church must separate itself, we must not be unequally yoked with the world. We live in the world but we don’t belong to the world. The dreadful voice of NO TO SIN must return to our churches.

The love for crowd has defiled the the love of souls. Crowd who don’t know their right from their left – who aren’t going anywhere.

It’s time to divorce the Church from the world. A time to separate the wheat from the chaff, a time to separate the sheep from the goats, a time for sober reflection, a time to restore the old time revival, a time to say YES to righteousness and say NO to sin, a time to say REPENT or GO TO HELL, a time to say the truth and dare the consequences.



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