Literary speaking, a prostitute is a person who engages in sexual intercourse for money. In other words, a prostitute can be seen as a person who jumps from one bed to the other in exchange for mundane benefits and as a result places them as an outcast in the eyes of a respectable society.

Likewise, is it not obvious that we have many religious prostitutes in church today? People who are serve God for financial gain and other mundane things of life?

Many so-called believers today have lost societal respect and dignity due to religious promiscuity and spiritual recklessness. Imagine someone who is just 3 years old in the Lord but has migrated to about 5 churches – that is prostitution. Some claiming to be devout Methodist or Catholic are seen to have visited more than 10 churches and miracle centers within a year, what are they looking for? Are they not religious prostitutes?

Those who visit several pastors asides those in their local churches are also religious prostitutes.

Those who share their tithes among different churches/pastors are religious prostitutes.

Those who have a pastor over them and yet give their loyalty to other pastors are religious prostitutes.

Those who serve God with their natural talents and gift for money are prostitutes. That is what prostitutes do, using their natural endowment created to serve only their spouse to make money.

Other characteristics of a religious prostitute include spiritual recklessness, religious unfaithfulness, unquenchable appetite for worldly desires etc.

Prostitutes give themselves to strangers as long as there is money to pay for their services, not minding the health status of their clients.
Same for religious prostitutes, as they can allow any pastor lay hands on them, pray for them, minister to them, anoint them, prophesy to them, without considering the spiritual state of the pastor.

That is why we have a lot of Christians who have been infected with all manner of incurable spiritual diseases.

Prostitutes hardly love any of their clients, which also applies to religious prostitutes as they are void of the agape love of Christ. They don’t truly love the church, pastors and brethren they often visit. They stick to those clients who can afford to pay for their services.

Religious prostitutes also stick to fellowship, pastors and churches where things are rosy…but move ahead if otherwise.

Prostitutes are fond of dressing provocatively and seductively to attract their clients. Many people today in church dress intentionally to attract the opposite sex to themselves, God is watching you.

God hates prostitution, He detests those who practice whoredom. Are you a prostitute? Repent today before God’s judgment comes upon you. [Ezekiel 16:35-41]



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