It took me several years to be able to secure admission into the university due to deficiency in my O Levels. No university was ready to give me admission because I was not qualified or rather I had no minimum requirements for entry. This is not the case with God, he delights in the unqualified. The world universities and organizations seek for the best candidates for admissions and jobs but God goes for the unqualified. Today, to gain admission into any Nigerian university, you must pass your O Levels, JAMB(UME) and then the post UME examinations.

To secure a good job you need to have good grades, write an aptitude test, attend an interview etc just to determine if you are qualified for the job. However, with God, your big certificates are not a requirement; if you feel you’re too qualified, then God is not interested in you. If it was Simon Peter, he wouldn’t have made it. Your Queens English and vocabularies are not a requirement either, if it was Jeremiah he would have been disqualified. Your oratory is not a requirement, if it was Moses, he wouldn’t have been chosen. Your beauty and your social status will never qualify you because David’s brothers were more presentable than him.

God goes for men that have deficiencies and acknowledge these deficiencies so that they can absolutely depend on Him. No wonder Moses said if you will not go with us we aren’t going anywhere. Qualified men will depend on their qualities. When God called Gideon, he had a deficiency, he said my family is poor in Manasseh and I am the least in my father’s house. When He called Saul, he had a deficiency, he said ‘I’m I not a Benjamite of the smallest of the tribes of Israel? And my family the least of all the families of the tribe of Benjamin?’ When He called Jeremiah, his curriculum vitae was inadequate for the job, he said ‘Ah, Lord God, behold I cannot speak: for I am a child.’ When He called Peter, he was not qualified because he was an illiterate fisherman, a sinner and a nobody.

If God could leave Aaron who is an orator to choose Moses who is a stammerer, then His ways are not our ways. If he could leave Eliab and Abinadab alone to pick David, then His ways our not our ways. If he could leave Absalom alone to pick Solomon, a child out of wedlock then his ways our not our ways. If he could bypass the Pharisees who are learned, to pick Peter who is an illiterate, then His ways indeed are not our ways. If he could leave David’s brothers alone to pick David, then His ways our not our ways. If he could forsake Eli and his children for Samuel, then His ways are not our ways.

Come to Jesus the way you are and He will make you over. The world system may reject you because of your deficiency, but God will never reject you. He said come unto me all ye that are laboured and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. 


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