“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”   – Matthew 7:14

It amazes me that the Christianity we practiced while growing up as Christians is gradually changing today. Some salient and core messages of the Gospel are not been preached again. I haven’t heard any preacher quoting or preaching from these bible passages that were our national anthem then for sometimes now.

Topics like eternity, bearing the cross, brokenness, sanctification, evangelism, vanity are not popular in our altars today. Rather, what you hear most are prosperity, breakthrough, faith, deliverance from enemies, keys to success, giving, power of God etc.
Is this the Christianity our fathers handed over to us?

Where is the Christianity of old? Where is the Christianity of selflessness, total dedication and commitment. Where is the Christianity characterized with heaven-mindedness, Christianity of holiness and righteousness, Christianity of unreserved love and participation? Why do we have more of lip-service Christianity, of pretense and lies, of hate and jealousy, of “what I will get”, of denominational differences, of high- mindedness, of division and disunity etc?

When I look at what we call Christianity today, I weep and groan in my spirit, my heart is shattered like pieces of glass on the floor. Can this type of Christianity take us to heaven? Is Christianity about what you can give, just for what you can get? Do we still have genuine Christians today? Where are the Jobs of our time? Where are the Enochs of our days? Who will stand for God like Elijah, when everybody is on the other side? Who will tell us the truth again like prophet Isaiah did? Who will place us on our toes again? Who will preach those sermons we heard then that made it look as if Jesus will return today? Who will dare the Jezebel of our time? Who will look into Ahab’s eyes and tell him the truth and dare the consequences?
Our Christianity today now promotes nudity for fashion. Sinners are very comfortable in our churches and services today. Everybody is hearing what they want to hear. Disunity and disorderliness has now become the order of the day in our churches. Shepherds are now milking the sheep rather than feeding them. Positions and promotion in the house of God is now dependent on your financial and social status. The poor are now relegated and left to their fate. Sexual immorality and illicit unions are now repackaged in church. The sanctity of the altar is now compromised for temporary gain.

 “And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.” –Matthew 10:38

Modern Christianity is evil. I know there are still over hundreds of prophet of Jehovah who haven’t bowed to Ahab and Jezebel. Let us say no to modern Christianity and embrace the old religion.



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