When I talk about an abusive woman I mean a woman whose husband is a victim of domestic violence. I.e emotional abuse, verbal abuse and physical abuse.
Emotional abuse occur when a woman persistently incur unseen wound or pain in the heart or mind of her husband by her actions. This may cause internal bleeding and secret tears to the man. This type of abuse is the most dangerous because only the man knows what he goes through.


This is a type of abuse a man experience when the wife is a nag, insultive, and possesses destructive tongue. Most men endure and bear many things in their marriage just to evade the laces of their wife’s tongue. Verbally abusive wives are serious embarrassment to their husbands as that had brought shame and disgrace to them in the presence of friends, relatives, colleagues, children etc. 


The tide is turning these days as more women now physically abuse their husbands. I will never forget a woman who inflicted serious injury on her husband’s joystick for denying her sex why he was fasting.

It’s traumatic to live with an abusive woman. Proverbs 21: 9 Better to live on the roof than share the house with a nagging wife. Unfortunately, many men are living with abusive wives and are in daily torment and agony. This is more traumatic because the man wouldn’t want people around to know he is suffering from effect of abuse from a woman. So he hides and pretend about his feelings. Almost every abused man hardly admits he has an abusive wife, so they do not seek support like women will do when they are abused.
There are lots of NGOs running a support programs for women who are victims of abusive relationship but hardly will you see any who render support for men who are victims of domestic abuse.

In Christian homes, it is unethical and unbiblical to advice a man who is a victim of domestic abuse to;

➖Divorce his wife

➖Retaliate or take up his wife in her abusive manner. Two wrong does not make a right.

➖Withdraw or isolate himself

But he should;
➖Defend himself where physical assault is involved

➖Remain calm why she is manifesting the devil given ability.

➖Seek for help, open up to a superior and mature couple, e.g pastor, marriage counselor etc.

➖Pray constantly for her.

➖Deliberately avoid those things that provoke her abusive spirit.

➖Occasionally excuse himself to stay with friends, relatives, church members.

➖Show her more love, this is not easy though but Christ loved us while we were sinners. Love has a seed that can destroy any negative spirit.