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Many people over time have blamed David for committing adultery with Bathsheba. No one is ready to blame Bathsheba or someone else, not even the devil. Some have blamed that ugly incident on David’s laziness or idleness at the time Kings were at war. While others blamed it on the sexual looseness of David. But has he committed similar act before with other women? No! Some even blamed it on ancestral promiscuity inherited from his great grandfather, Judah, the man who mistakenly slept with his daughter-in- law unknowingly etc.


Was Bathsheba ever at fault in any way? Why will she of all places take her bath on a bathroom without a roof in an environment where you have upstairs? Was that the type of bathroom used in those days? Then there must be many of those bathrooms around? David must have noticed other women having their bath like Bathsheba. But why did David fall for Bathsheba’s hot body? As a King he obviously must have seen hotter bodies before, what made Bathsheba’s own different and powerful enough to bring down a world champion?


Was there any resistance from Bathsheba when David attempted to sleep with her? No! The spirit of Bathsheba is the spirit that doesn’t say no to illicit sex. Did you say she couldn’t resist him because he was the king? She should have demonstrated displeasure and unwillingness to have illicit sex with another man. A mild protest would have qualified the act for rape.


Did Bathsheba inform her husband about what happened between herself and King David? I very much doubt about that. Did she tell anybody about it? I also doubt that. Was she aware of David’s plan to push her pregnancy to her husband? Maybe yes or no. Did she know David was responsible for the death of her husband? Well, a sound conclusion can’t be made on this. But what was her reaction after she knew her husband was dead? She mourned her husband and later married David, the man who took advantage of her while her husband was alive, a man who killed her husband with the sword of the enemy.


What is the spirit of Bathsheba?


➖It is the spirit that brings a man close to the place of temptation.


➖It is the spirit that displayd an unresistable sexual temptation.


➖It is the spirit that says yes to illicit sex.


➖It is the spirit that makes you see another woman as more attractive than your wife even if your wife is more attractive. Abigail was said to be beauty personified. What did David see in Bathsheba that he had not seen in Abigail?


When the spirit of Bathsheba is at work, it makes one restless and go out of self-control. If you haven’t battled with the spirit of Bathsheba before, don’t blame David. When a man is possessed with the spirit of Bathsheba, it turns a good and righteous man into a wicked and brutish person. David was a lovely and kindhearted man until he was possessed with the spirit of Bathsheba. When a man is under the influence of the spirit of Bathsheba, he will beat his beautiful and loving wife for another woman. The spirit of Bathsheba takes hold of a man just to bring him down. David was not heard to have committed adultery before he was possessed with the spirit of Bathsheba and after Bathsheba’s episode.


Today the spirit of Bathsheba is all over the place, slaying many great potentials at the altar of strange women. Kings and princes are falling daily just for a round of sex with Bathsheba. Many have lost their crowns and glory to Bathsheba. David almost give away his crown and future if not for mercy. Don’t be deceived by hot bodies, they are just containers with same content. Don’t let one night with Bathshebs ruin your destiny. You may not be lucky like king David. Stop looking at Bathsheba from the roof top, concentrate on your Abigail in your bedroom. Are you an Abigail? Are you praying for your David?


May God deliver us from the spirit of Bathsheba in Jesus name. Amen!